Your Mobility Plan

The Mobility Plan must be part of a territorial approach adapted to the context which takes into account the needs of employees in order to offer the most relevant set of services possible.

In doing so, it helps satisfy employees, anticipate the demands of the staff representative bodies and to better control the cost of mobility.

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– Accelerating energy transitions

– Reducing Greenhouse Gases

– Pollution control

– Improve employee commuting

– Reducing road traffic

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The benefits for the company
– Improvement of the company’s image

– Contribution to the improvement of the well-being of the company’s employees

– Improvement of the attractiveness of the company

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– By increasing the shared use of individual modes of transport

– Facilitating multimodal travels

– By strengthening the development dynamics of daily mobility solutions

– By choosing Moovee to operate your new mobility solution

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For businesses
Mobility Plans will have to take into account pollution control issues and measures to raise awareness among their employees to improve air quality.

Implementing your Mobility Plan

  • 1

    Focus on shared mobility

    We support may companies in the implementation of mobility plans, specifically on the shared mobility dimension.
  • 2

    Vehicle selection

    We build together with you your fleet of vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, bikes, scooters...)
  • 3

    Digital platform

    We implement a digital environment dedicated to your fleet of vehicles on our platform; Then we connect each of the selected vehicles.
  • 4

    Training Programs

    Our teams will be in charge of educating and training all of your employees, in order to remove any obstacle to the use of these new mobility solutions.
  • 5

    Operational management

    Moovee takes total responsibility for the management of the vehicle fleet, to ensure that they are always operational.

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